LED Heart Display with Multicolour LEDs Assembled

Colorful LED Heart Display Kit

Do-It-Yourself Kit - Special Promotion Pricing

LED Heart Display with Multicolour LEDs Assembled

The LED Heart display kit is back in stock. We have received our order of the popular LED Heart kit. Each kit includes all parts, including 32 multi-color LEDs. Assembly time of a kit is about 90 minutes for the novice kit builder. To celebrate, we are running a special promotion.

For the rest of August, receive $3.00 off the purchase price by using coupon code LED-HEART.

Be sure to check out our full information page on the LED Heart. Describes in detail how to build the kit.
Interested in purchasing one of the kits? Visit the online store, and when you checkout, enter in coupon code LED-HEART. You will receive an instant $3.00 off the purchase price.