Maker Festival Toronto 2018

Maker Festival Toronto 2017 - The main exhibit area
Maker Festival 2017

Are you ready for the Toronto Maker Festival? The festival is returning July 7 and 8, 2018 at the Toronto Reference Library.
Maker Festival brings together the Greater Toronto Area’s most creative people and projects, in order to inspire openness to possibilities, a sense of active participation in shaping our world, and a yearning for a more wonder-filled tomorrow.

The team will be in full attendance for our fourth year. Look for our dual-booth complete with some of the very latest technology, LEDs, and accessories all specially priced.

Watch for the introduction of several new unique products at Maker Festival. New products include our Arduino Prototype Board, NodeMCU with WiFi development board, EL Wire kits, WS2812 LED Rings, 10mm Auto Colour-Changing LEDs, and watch for our High Power PWM Driver Board for 1-watt and 3-watt STAR LEDs.

Learn To Make

How do you learn to make? By making! Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced maker attempting something new, it helps to practice basic skills before starting your own original projects. The event has many hands-on workshops from talented makers who will prepare you to hack, tweak and build whatever you dream up.

Getting To Know The Makers

Want to know more about will be exhibiting this year? The Maker Festival team has published their Exhibitor Directory. Provides a full list of each vendor complete with a summary of what they are about or exhibiting.

Maker Sandbox - New for 2018

Maker Festival 2018 - Maker Sandbox

The Maker team has come up with an ingenious way to allow anyone to exhibit at Maker Festival. It is called the Maker Sandbox. Details of the new feature:


Did you think of applying to Maker Festival, but missed the deadline? Do you have a project that’s only half finished, but you’d love some feedback on it anyway? Are you interested in exhibiting for only an hour or two, just to “test the waters” at Maker Festival?


New at Maker Festival 2018 – MAKER SANDBOX! A new area where you don’t need to apply, simply show up with your projects & exhibit for however long you like – for one hour, one day or all weekend. We’ll have six tables set up & ready for this bold experiment in just-in-time self-organization!

MAKER SANDBOX will be located in the Second Floor Salon (the big room to your right at the top of the stairs). Follow the signs or ask a volunteer for guidance & they’ll point you in the right direction. Once you arrive, a MAKER SANDBOX volunteer will help you set up & answer any questions you have.


Part of the set up process, with our MAKER SANDBOX volunteers, will be to figure out how much space you need & how much space is available. Be it an entire table, half a table, a quarter – or no table at all – just a spot on the floor. Grab it & share your maker-y awesomeness!

So, bring your box(es) of stuff on July 7th or July 8th & let’s make this happen!