LED Spotlight jr

LED Spotlight jr: 18-LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight jr bare PC boardLED Spotlight jr with all parts installedLight Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are an attractive, economical and convenient option for lighting applications. They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes and intensities. LEDs provide for inexpensive, highly-efficient, low-voltage, reliable lighting solutions.

Applications range from lighting in aquariums, recreational vehicles, marine & aircraft to computer case mods, under-vehicle lighting, emergency/security lighting and accent-lighting in the kitchen and around your home. The options are endless.

One challenge with LEDs is the mounting of the display. We produce several innovative solutions including the LED Spotlight jr. Each board contains 18 LEDs in a circular pattern on a compact 1.6″ (41mm) diameter jet-black board.

Current limiting is provided the the six resistors which limit current to LEDs in sets of three. A full 18 LEDs running on the board will draw a total of approximately 120mA.

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LED Spotlight jr Users Guide and Construction Details

Construction of is extremely simple and can be built by the novice in less than 45 minutes requiring only minimal soldering skills. With eighteen LEDs and six resistors, this system is likely to be one the simplest and most satisfying kits you will ever construct.

A complete instruction manual, construction guide and schematics for the LED Spotlight jr is available for download.