Superflux Piranha LED Specifications

Piranha Superflux LEDPiranha Superflux LED technical specifications5mm Superflux Piranha LED are some of the brightest LEDs for their size. Each has a large lens to produces a wide angle beam. This is great for custom installations which an extremely bright and wide angle light is needed.

Using the 5mm Superflux Piranha LED will give you very good results, and offers a unique lighting approach.

A Piranha Superflux LEDs has a rectangular packages of LEDs with 4 pins.

Superflux Piranha LED Provide Maximum Flux on a PCB

SuperFlux Piranha LED can emit maximum brightness while using less power cost than a transitional LED. This feature enables LED manufacturer to use less LEDs, yet they are still able to attain the brightness required and lower whole product cost. The SuperFlux Piranha LED is the definitely choice of LEDs when designing on PCB.

Superflux Piranha LED Have Good Resistance Against Movement

The design of 4 pins fix the Superflux Piranha LED solidly to the board, even in the rigorous situation such as vibration or collision. Two pin LEDs apparently are easier to crack when exposed to vibration or collision. For this reason Superflux  Piranha is widely used in the automotive tail lamps which frequently are subject to heavy shock situations. Superflux Piranha LEDs have the best stability among all environmental conditions.

Lowest Thermal Resistance

Thanks to a large lead frame design, Superflux Piranha LEDs have the lowest thermal resistance comparing with other through-hole LEDs. This allows Superflux Piranha to work under a relatively wide range of temperatures with higher input power.