LED Specifications and Application Notes

LED Specifications – An Overview

LED specifications allow you to optimally power your LEDs to maximize output. We carry a large selection of super bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in several design models. LEDs are available in a full rainbow of colors including Blue, White, UV, Purple, Red, Green and Yellow.

LEDs are versatile semiconductor with a number of attributes which make them perfect for most applications. Their features include:

  • Long Life: LEDs can last over 100,000 hours (10+ years) if used at rated current
  • No annoying flicker like from fluorescent lamps
  • LEDs are impervious to heat, cold, shock and vibration
  • LEDs do not contain breakable glass
  • Solid-State, high shock and vibration resistant
  • Extremely fast turn On/Off times
  • Low power consumption puts less load on the electrical systems increasing battery life

White LEDs

White LEDs are perfect for replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs in night lights, flashlights, path lights, task lights and exit signs. Their versatility makes them a natural for use in alternate energy (solar) applications, automotive, aeronautic and water-based vehicles.

Specification Comparisons

We have a selection of multiple models of LEDs in the same color. Some with narrow and others offer a wider viewing angle. LEDs which have a wide viewing angle results in an overall brightness (Luminous Intensity) reduction. We also carry some newer models which have a wider viewing angle and that are very high intensity.

Cautions When Working with LEDs

LEDs produce a focused light source and extra care should be used for your eyes. Also, being LEDs are a semiconductor devices, they are sensitive to static charges.