Hamvention 2017 (Commercial)

Indoor Commercial Vendors

Attention Hamvention Commercial Vendors

You too can have your booth listing stand out in the online listings.

Visit our support page where we have all the details required for you to submit your information and have your free listing created.

Dayton Hamvention Indoor at HARAHamvention has both indoor and outdoor vendor locations. The indoor locations is where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Booth Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses four separate buildings for the commercial vendors. The team released commercial vendor booth mapping for the buildings. 

February 20: Update booth listings are available for indoor commercial vendors and outdoor flea market vendors.

Contacting the Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We unfortunately are not affiliated with the management team which limits our knowledge to show activities. For show questions, we encourage you to contact the Hamvention teams. The teams can be reached at  exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Indoor Commercial Vendor List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until show time. Don’t forget to visit our Outdoor Flea Market Booth Assignment page as well.

Hamvention® Booth Assignments
(updated 04-27-2017 @ 20:52 EDT)
Vendor Company
Booth Number
Registration Status
Vendor Name
Booths Available For Immediate Booking
ABR Industries LLC 3211    
abr Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caabr logo2 Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caBuy With Confidence: ABR industries manufacturers all assemblies in our Houston facility, guaranteeing quality control from start to finish. Being a critical component of your system or station, it is important to know where and how your coax cable assemblies are built.
What you get with our products: Non-Contaminating, Ultra-Violet Resistant and Direct Burial Black Jacket, Each termination is finished with Weatherproof Adhesive Lined Polyolefin HST, Assemblies are coded with Cable Type, Length, Connector Type, and Lot Number, Personalize your cables w/Identifying Heat Shrink Tubing. (On-line only), Easy to Read Product Details.
AlexLoop 3109  
Alexandre Grimberg, PY1AHD
AlexLoop Logo on PCBoard.caALEXLOOP is an ultra light portable Magnetic Loop Antenna designed by PY1AHD Alexandre Grimberg , over 12 years of intense work. PY1AHD ALEX is a 66 years old ham fascinated by QRP Portable Operation that is very proud to have his successful design approved by thousands of Hams all over the world. The ALEXLOOP antennas are carefully handcrafted by PY1AHD ALEX from the first screw to the final test.
AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp) 1007-1010, 1107-1110   Steve Belter
AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp) Logo at www.PCBoard.caHear the latest on the *five* Fox satellites and the geosynchronous rideshare opportunity. Receive special premiums when you join or renew your AMSAT membership at Dayton. Get one-on-one guidance on setting up your satellite station and making contacts at our "Beginner's Corner". Witness live demonstrations of contacts through satellites AO-7, FO-29, SO-50, AO-73, AO-79 and AO-85 using handheld antennas. Get satellite station and operating tips from some of the best satellite operators in the country.
AOR USA, Inc. 6504 Confirmed Melissa Reinhardt
ARRL - American Radio Relay League 2001-2003, 2044, 2101-2104, 2201-2204, 2301-2304, 2401-2404   Bob Inderbitzen
ARRL LogoARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®, looks forward to welcoming all members and friends to Hamvention®. Visit ARRL EXPO in Building 2 to find our large exhibit area of ARRL-sponsored activities, booths and program representatives:
  • ARRL Store. Get the latest books, supplies, and apparel. And, renew your ARRL membership here.
  • ARRL Field Organization Volunteers -- hosted by the ARRL Ohio Section
  • ARRL Laboratory. Get your handheld radio tested!
  • ARRL Public Service
  • Radiosport -- DXCC Card Checking, ARRL Contests and Awards, The ARRL Logbook of the World (LoTW), and the ARRL QSL Bureau
  • ARRL Development & ARRL Foundation
  • ARRL Education & Technology Program
  • ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative
  • HamSCI: The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (guest exhibit)
  • RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory
  • ARRL Visa Card (US Bank)
  • The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
Air Chair 6601, 6701 Confirmed Bob Hanna
Airspy.US 1201-1202   Airspy.US
Airspy.us Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAirspy.US is a supplier of high quality SDR receivers including the highly acclaimed Airspy SDR, Spyverter, and the Airspy Mini dongle. We also carry connectors, cables, antennas, filter/preamps, GPS Disciplined Oscillators AKA GPSDO, Network Time Protocol clocks, and other related SDR accessories. Come visit our booth to see innovative uses for SDR including digital voice/data decoding, FULL spectrumanalysis, and even duplexer and filter tuning. We may also be unveiling a new product designed just for the ham market!
Alinco Inc. 3007-3009 Confirmed Raj Gounder
Amateur Television Network 6101 Confirmed David Stepnowski
Aventrade 3006 Confirmed Alex Gong
bhi Ltd 1911 Booth
Graham Somerville
bhi Ltd Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.cabhi Ltd manufacture a range of audio DSP noise cancellation products that remove noise and interference on all radio bands to leave clear speech. Don't put up with noise and interference any longer. Come and visit us for a live demo to hear how good our product are at cleaning up your noisy speech signals!
BRIDGECOM SYSTEMS, INC. 1103-1104 Confirmed Ron Kochanowicz
Batteries America 3808-3809 Confirmed Everett Yost
Begali Keys 2307-2308, 2407-2408   The Begali Team
Begali Keys logo Pietro Begali produces some of the worlds finest electro-mechanical precision components along with their exclusive line of fine keys and paddles for the ham community. Stop in and visit with them at the show or visit them online at www.i2rtf.com.
Bird Technologies Group / TX RX Systems 6105-6106 Confirmed Dawn Puck
Buckmaster International 6210   Daniel Bateman
Buckmaster Publishing Logo at www.PCBoard.caBuckmaster International is well known for the HamCall World-Wide Callsign Database, Great Circle Maps, and our Buckmaster OCF Dipole antennas. We also offer accessories such as stainless pulleys, Line-Grips, and Dacron rope. Please visit it us at Hamvention and at hamcall.net.
CG Antenna 6611 Confirmed Fons Wang
CQ Communications, Inc. 6315 Confirmed Richard Moseson
CW Operator's Club 6610   Don Greenbaum
CW OperatorOur goal is to bring together Amateur Radio operators who enjoy communicating by Morse Code (CW). CWops encourages the use of CW in Amateur communications, and it supports CW activity through planned events. CWops promotes goodwill among Amateurs throughout the world, and it fosters the education of young people and others in matters related to Amateur Radio.
Cable X-Perts Inc. 6102 Confirmed Nicholas Cosmano
Capitol Electronics, Inc 6320 Confirmed Chris Bricklebank
Collins Collectors Association 1003-1004 Confirmed Scott Kerr
Comet Antenna / Daiwa Meters 3304-3306 Confirmed Mick Stwertnik
CommsToGo 6304 Confirmed John Jacobs
Connect Systems Inc. 6309 Confirmed Jerry Wanger
Courage Kenny Handiham Program 6602 Confirmed John Hoenshell
DARA (Dayton Amateur Radio Association) 2706-2707 Confirmed Dayton Amateur Radio Asso Dara
DARA - Internation Relations 2601 Confirmed Gary Descombes
DARA Membership 3002 Confirmed Jeff Devoe
DARC- Deutscher Amateur Radio Club 2503 Confirmed Haertig Dennis
DIY Electric Grids 6503 Confirmed Marvin Motsenbocker
DVMEGA 3710 Confirmed Guus Van Dooren
DX Engineering 1207-1210, 1307-1311   Steve Hannah
DX Engineering Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAt DX Engineering, Amateur Radio is what we know. Our customer service experts understand your need for top-performing and reliable gear. Visit DXEngineering.com to see the latest products from DX Engineering, Butternut, COMTEK and Cycle 24.  We also offer ACOM and RM Italy amplifiers, and Eantenna and Bushcomm antennas, bhi Noise Cancellation Products, Phonema Speakers, Low Band Systems filters, plus products from other top Amateur Radio brands. You can watch exclusive DX Engineering tool demonstrations at DXEngineering.com and talk to our staff of experienced Hams at 1-800-777-0703.
From radios to station accessories, antennas to coaxial cable, and right down to the clamps and hardware that bring it all together, build a better station with DX Engineering. Maximize performance with our verticals and dipoles, antenna add-on kits, baluns and UNUNs, receiving and transmitting array packages, and more—learn how at DXEngineering.com.
Davis Instruments 6713-6714 Confirmed Kim Derespini
Dayton Skywarn 6403 Confirmed Louis Long
Debco Electronics 1301-1302, 1401-1402 Confirmed Tom Case
Diamond Antenna 3401-3406 Confirmed Denise Bauman
EB104.RU 6702   Viktor Filimonov
EB104.RU at www.PCBoard.caParts and KITs for HF transistor power amplifiers. LDMOS and MOSFET amplifier modules from 20W up to 2 KW, LPF, LCD meters, protection devices and more
ELAD USA Inc. 3010-3012   Mr. Franco Milan
ELAD USA Inc Logo at www.PCBoard.caELAD USA Inc.is part of ELAD srl company based in Italy. ELAD is a growing manufacturer of SDR radios (Receivers, Transceiver stand-alone and with PC) and accessories (Amplifiers, Antenna Splitters, Preselector filters, Radio Remote controls). New for 2017, distributor of LOOP ANTENNA- Ciro Mazzoni.
ESRC1 Corp 1101-1102 Confirmed Stanley Winston
EZNEC Antenna Software 6104 Confirmed Roy Lewallen
Ears To Our World 6508 Confirmed Thomas Witherspoon
Expert Linears America, LLC. 2603-2605   Bob Hardie W5UQ
Expert Linears America Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caSPE Expert Linears Distributor for Western Hemisphere
Sales & Service Expert Linears (AKA Expert Amplifiers) 1K-FA, 2K-FA and 1.3K-FA. All models are very sophisticated, fully solid state, SPE linear amplifiers, which have built-in power supplies and automatic antenna tuners. (The 1.3KFA can be purchased without ATU). Visit us at ExpertLinears.com or double click on our logo on this page.
FIRST Robotics 2804 Confirmed Kerry Hicks
Foundation for Amateur Intl Radio Service (FAIRS) 6117 Confirmed Gaynell Larsen
Gemmagic 6801-6802 Confirmed Tana Rhodes
Gifts 4 HAMS / Kelly Laser Works 1205-1206 Confirmed Tom Kelly
Gold Medal Ideas 6207-6209   Ron Kritzman
Gold Medal Ideas at www.PCBoard.caGold Medal Ideas 1 at www.PCBoard.caCallsign and radio themed shirts, jackets, hats and name badges.
Grace Technology 6217 Confirmed Terry Mijal
Great Lakes HamCon 6612   Larry Camp
Great Lakes HamCon at www.PCBoard.caThe inaugural 2017 Great Lakes HamCon will take place on October 7 & 8, 2017 at the 1400 acre Michigan International Speedway located in Southeastern Michigan's beautiful Irish Hills vacation area. We are the home of the 2017 ARRL Great Lakes Division Convention.
This venue is a complete facility with permanent buildings for vendors (additional space in event tents available) and a huge flea market area, along with many meeting rooms for forums and workshops. See our website for additional information at www.glhamcon.org or at info@glhamcon.org.
Great Scott Gadgets 5004 Confirmed Michael Ossmann
Green Heron Engineering 3103, 3203 Confirmed Jeffery Ach
Ham Nation 5305 Confirmed Bob Heil
Ham Radio Outlet 2506-2507, 3307-3311   Luke Rohn
Ham Radio Outlet Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caWith Worldwide Distribution coupled with Multi-Store Buying Power, Ham Radio Outlet is geared to fill the needs of Ham Radio Operators everywhere at the best prices possible.
Whether online on the World Wide Web, over the telephone, or in person in one of our stores. Customer service is one of our primary goals. We employ active hams with varied backgrounds and expertise to be able to assist in any area of the hobby - Give us a call at 1-800-558-0411 or visit us on the web at www.HamRadio.com
HamRadio360 6501-6502   Jeremy Kolonay
HamRadio360 Logo at www.PCBoard.caStop by the booth to meet HamRadio 360 crew - Cale, Jeremy and George. Join us at 2:45 on Saturday in the HamRadio 360 Forum session where we will be talking about the growing sinterest in building your own ham radio gear. We will show off some cool Workbench build projects you can put together yourself. Listen to the latest podcast every week on iTunes, Stitcher, or any popular podcast feed. You can also join our Facebook group and drop in on the web site at www.hamradio360.com
Hamvention Prize Booth 1902 Confirmed Niese Jim
Heil Sound Ltd. 5306-5309 Confirmed Stephen Warford
Heritech Larm Partner AB 5106 Confirmed Hakan Eriksson
Hilberling USA 3901-3902 Confirmed Marcus Ovando
Hustler / New-Tronics 1505-1506 Confirmed Michael Boyer
Hytech Marketing 6804-6805 Confirmed Susan Molnar
Icom America Inc. 2508-2509, 2608-2610, 2708-2709, 6001   Jesse Skipton
Icom America Inc. Logo at www.PCBoard.caIcom is a world leader in the amateur radio market. Icom makes amateur radios for use in long-range (HF) and short-range (VHF, UHF) communications. Digital technology is transforming the market and helped pioneer the development of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipment. Icom is also a leader in product development for the D-STAR that is on the cutting edge in Amateur Radio today.
DVMEGA 6704   Guus van Dooren
DVMEGA Logo at www.PCBoard.caStop by the booth and meet the DVMEGA team. Ruud, David and Guus will show you all about new developments on DVMEGA, BlueDV and BlueStack products. We have live demo's of BlueDV host software for D-Star, DMR and Fusion for BrandMeister, DCS, XRF, REF, XLX, DMR+, YSF and FCS. Single and dualband radio hotspots for Arduino, Raspberry and PC systems. Digital voice Dongles, PC and mice/speaker based. The good old DVMEGA D-Star GMSK full duplex modem shield. If you stop by do not forget to ask for a myDV demo!
JJ Surplus 6707 Confirmed Jon Costein
Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc 2502 Confirmed Masaaki Maeda
K2BSA Amateur Radio Association and Radio Scouting 2205   Jim Wilson
K2BSA Radio Scouting Listing at www.PCBoard.caThe K2BSA Amateur Radio Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates to support Radio Scouting activities and is considered the amateur radio station for the Boy Scouts of America's National Council. It is the trustee for the K2BSA call sign, supports Jamboree on the Air and other Scouting events, and operates at the National Scout Jamboree.

Its mission is to extend the reach of amateur radio within the Scout Movement. It accomplishes this through providing extensive information and support materials on all aspects of Radio Scouting. This includes program information, including Radio Merit Badge training materials; promotional materials, including posters and brochures for amateur radio and Scouting audiences; as well as extensive advice for amateur radio operators in their efforts to support Scouting activities, particularly Jamboree on the Air.

Membership is open to all individuals who support our mission.

Stop by our booth and catch up on the latest developments in Radio Scouting.
KB3IFH QSL Cards 6305   Randy KB3IFH
KB3IFH QSL CardsQuality QSL & Eyeball Cards
Visit my website at http://kb3ifh.homestead.com or call me at 410-440-0282. See you at Dayton. We're in building 6 this year at 6305. Stop by and say hello!
KF7P Metalwerks 6316-6317   Chris Perri
MetalWerks Logo at www.PCBoard.ca MetalWerks Logo at www.PCBoard.caThink KF7P Metalwerks for all your tower and grounding hardware needs! Featuring crank up tower equipment such as service platforms, coax arms, wire antenna arms, and grounding hardware. We also build customized entry panel boxes with lightning protection for all incoming coax and other cables. Come by booth 6316-6317 and see what Ground HQ looks like!
LATSYS GmbH 6417 Confirmed Christoph Duwe
Libre Space Foundation 1006 Confirmed Pierros Papadeas
Lido Mounts 6307-6308   Jim Newcomb
Lido Mounts Logo at www.PCBoard.caLido Mounts supplies no holes mounting solutions, and if you want to drill we have those to, for just about any mobile electronic device. We offer custom mounting plates that work in harmony with the manufacturers mounting system for Amateur and Commercial transceivers. Of course we have a full line of holders and mounts for Smart Phones, Tablets, GoPro, Cameras.
Linux in the Ham Shack 5007   Russ Woodman, K5TUX
Linux in the Ham Shack Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caLinux in the Ham Shack is a podcast, a state of mind and a phenomenon. Originally begun to help amateur radio operators move from Microsoft and other closed-source operating systems and applications over to Linux and Free Software, the show has broadened its scope. Now consisting of a bi-weekly audio podcast, live streaming audio, community event sponsorship and general outreach, LHS helps to expose ham radio enthusiasts to FOSS and FOSS enthusiasts to ham radio. Listen live every other Monday night or visit with us at your local ham fest or FOSS convention. We are Linux, ham radio and Open Source for EVERYONE.
LowBandSystems 6318 Confirmed Andrey Fedorishchev
MARCO-Medical Amateur Radio Council 6310 Confirmed Joe Breault
MARS, Combined MARS 6301-6302 Confirmed Paul English
Mastrant 6213-6214 Confirmed Martin Huml
Miami Valley Mesh Alliance 1001 Confirmed William Curtice
MicroLog-By-WA0H 5005   Jerry Gentry
MicroLog-By-WA0H Listing at www.PCBoard.caMicroLog is an easy-to-learn easy-to-use logging program. The U.S. and Canadian callbooks are built into the program. MicroLog interfaces with the Radio Amateur Callbook database, the Buckmaster HamCall database, and QRZ. MicroLog works with LoTW and contains a field-day module. MicroLog was created by Jerry Gentry (WA0H). It runs on the Windows operating system.
Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club (MARAC) 6608 Confirmed Kerry Long
Momobeam Antennas 1801-1802   Bryan M. Bydal
Momobeam Antennas at www.PCBoard.caMomobeam was founded in 2011 by Joe IT9HBT who decided to follow his passion for radio and contests, with the purpose of improve the antenna setup to achieve higher and higher goals. Thanks to the synergy with other OM and collaborators, Momobeam has become a respected antennas manufacturer in Europe with great attention to the quality of his projects and to the durability of the materials used. The business was initially focused on customized antenna systems for Contest Teams such as D4C, which reached numerous world wide records with our antennas, and other european teams.
Mr Gadgets 6810-6812 Confirmed Steve Narducci
N3ZN Keys 1203-1204   Tony N3ZN
N3ZN Logo Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caThis is my line of custom high end iambic & single lever paddles and keys, N3ZN Keys - ZN series. Incorporating old school looks with new school technology, they feature ball bearing movement, magnetic lever return,solid silver contact points and quick adjusting fine thread stainless steel contact and magnet screws. Along with short lightweight aluminum lever arms and the correct geometry, these paddles offer an excellent and responsive feel, making QRQ (or QRS and anything in between) operation effortless.
Expert Electronics (Russia) 6604-6605   Yuri Sushkin
NSI Listing at www.PCBoard.caDesigned in Russia SDR Amateur transceivers MB1, SunSDR2-Pro and new T.B.A. models.
NW Digital Radio 1105    
NW Digital Radio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caNW Digital Radio manufactures products that put the 'Amateur back in Amateur Radio'. Come by and meet the team behind the UDRX-440 digital radio, ThumbDV™, and UDRC II.

The UDRC II is being used with the Yaesu DR-1X to add D-STAR to the repeater and with Bridgecom BCR repeaters providing your 146, 220, and 440 D-STAR solutions. Talk to our team about how to use the UDRC II for your repeater or for digital modes such as FLDigi, Direwolf Packet modem, and similar applications.

The UDRX-440 is the platform for higher speed packet and data modes on the 70cm band.
National Federation of the Blind & The Unseen Bean 2602 Confirmed Gerry Leary
National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting 1910 Confirmed Dave Wickelhaus
National Weather Service 6403 Confirmed Brandon Peloquin
Nuts & Volts / Servo Magazine 5008 Confirmed John Lemieux
OM International Sideband Society 6507 Confirmed Carrie Krueger
Ohio Area Repeater Council 6710 Confirmed Jim Kvochick
Ohio Responds Emergency Volunteer Registry 6404 Confirmed Ohio Responds
Palstar Inc. 5107-5108 Confirmed Paul Hrivnak
Portable Rotation, Inc. 3104   Will Waters
Portable Rotation, Inc. Logo at www.PCBoard.caPortable Rotation, Inc. specializes in 12 Volt Portable Antenna Rotor Systems of use at home or in the field with portable directional antennas. We are the only commercial vendor providing 12 Volt Portable Rotor System solutions offering both single Axis Rotor Systems and a Feature Ritch Dual Axis Rotor System for Portable Satellite tracking operations. We also offer a number of antenna mounting and other accessories to enhance the user experience.
PowerFilm Solar 6203 Confirmed Julia Stone
Pro Audio Engineering 1610 Confirmed Howard Hoyt
QRP - ARCI 5104-5105 Confirmed Jack Nelson
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) 6401   President, Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caWere you first licensed before 1993? If you were first licensed more than 25 years ago, and are currently licensed today, you are eligible to join the Quarter Century Wireless Association. This is 'QCWA Today', and there are many new exciting benefits in belonging. We also offer a monthly digital eJournal with high resolution color pictures and hyper links. See what we are all about at www.qcwa.org. We will be presenting a forum during Hamvention on Saturday, May 20 at 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM in Forum Room 3.
Quicksilver Radio 3503-3506, 3603-3606   John Bee
Quicksilver Radio carries More Ham Radio Stuff Than Anybody! With products including Anderson Powerpoles, Coax Cable, Antenna Wire, RF Connectors and Adapters, Crimp Tools, Soldering Irons, Meters, Test Equipment, and more.
Your favorite Amateur Radio Supplier.
Quicksilver Radio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
R & L Electronics 1303-1306, 1403-1406 Confirmed Roger Smallwood
RF-KIT 6506   Reinhard
rf-kit.de Logo at www.PCBoard.caB26 RF-2K+ LDMOS HF Linear KIT: Easy Legal Limit power amplifier with all features you expect from an state of the art amplifier.
RT Systems 3805-3806 Confirmed Karin Thompson
Radio Amateur Callbook (ITFM) 6709 Confirmed Thomas Gudehus
Radio Relay International 6303   James Wades
EB104.RU at www.PCBoard.caRadio Relay International: Global Messaging via High Frequency Radio. Radio Relay International is dedicated to the development and maintenance of a professional quality public service communications infrastructure. Our networks and those of our affiliated partners cover North America, Europe, Oceana and Asia. In addition to our automated Digital Traffic Network, we maintain common-denominator networks utilizing radiotelephone and radiotelegraph methods. RRI programs also include the Tropical Storm Network, the National SOS Radio Network, specialized Communications Emergency Response Teams, and expert consulting, education and training services for both emergency management agencies and volunteer emergency communications programs. For more information, please visit us at: www.radio-relay.org, read about us in the QNI Newsletter at: www.qni-newsletter.net or contact us at info@radio-relay.org.
Rig Expert 5103 Confirmed Yuri Onipko
Straight KEY Century Club (SKCC) 6509   Ron Bower, AC2C (AC2C@SKCCgroup.com)
Straight Key Century Club Logo at www.PCBoard.ca Formed in January of 2006 to promote the use of Straight Key CW and to keep the spirit of Straight Key Night alive throughout the year. The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) is the fastest growing group of mechanical-key CW operators in the world. Membership is free and open to any interested licensed radio amateur. The club has grown rapidly to include over 17,000 members from all corners of the globe.
SSS Solution 6202 Confirmed Zeljko Repic
Scanner Master Corp. 3303 Confirmed Richard Barnett
Sign Man of Baton Rouge 3701-3702 Confirmed Rick Pourciau
Sign Man of Ohio 6114 Confirmed Ron Kennedy
Sinbad Glue 5304 Confirmed Cynthia Maffeo
Skeddr 6220 Confirmed Carter Parks
Society of Amatuer Radio Astronomers / Radio JOVE 6119-6120 Confirmed William Dean
Solar24 6215 Confirmed James Wolter
Suspender Man 6313-6314 Confirmed Bob Coulbourne
SwapMyRigs.com 6409 Confirmed William Jordan
T.A.W. Amateur Radio 6107-6108 Confirmed Charles Mcginty
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp.) 5001-5003   John, W9DDD
TAPR Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caBe sure to drop by our booth and say hello to the TAPR members working the booth. During Hamvention, the TAPR Digital Forum hosts national and international presenters discussing the latest topcis in digital communications. While at our booth you can: Renew your membership, Buy Great Scott Gadgets products, Check out our latest projects
Tech Exchance LLC 6218-6219 Confirmed Abe Sheikh
The American Legion National Headquarters 6609 Confirmed William Sloan
The R.F. Connection 5101-5102, 5201-5202 Confirmed Joel Knoblock
The Wireman 3908-3911 Confirmed Press Jones
Tower Electronics 3501-3502, 3601-3602 Confirmed Scott Cole
Transel Corporation 3801-3802 Confirmed Darrell Mckinney
US Postal Service / Dayton Stamp Club 6110 Confirmed Kenneth Strickland
US Tower Corp. 3110-3111 Confirmed Vicky Contreras
Uncommon USA Inc. 3204 Confirmed Liz Balman
Universal Radio, Inc. 2005-2006 Confirmed Fred Osterman
Venture Crew 73 6813-6814 Confirmed George Ewingg
Vibroplex 1607-1609 Confirmed Scott Robbins
W2IHY Technologies 5009-5010 Confirmed Julius Jones
W5KUB.COM - Web Broadcaster 5006   Tom Medlin W5KUB
W5KUB.COM - Web Broadcaster Logo at www.PCBoard.caW5KUB.COM will be back again this year webcasting the entire hamvention. We have viewers in over 150 countries. We will show vendors, have special guests, and we will also give out prizes to our viewers. W5KUB.COM gives out approx $10,000 in prizes each year to our viewers. This is an extension of our weekly live ham radio show "Amateur Radio Roundtable" seen every Tues night on W5KUB.Com and heard on international shortwave station WBCQ on 5130 Khz. Our webcast live broadcast starts Wed May 17th we we begin our 500 mile trip.
W5YI Group-Gordon West Radio School 2306, 2406 Confirmed Larry Pollock
WA8JBT 6607 Confirmed Bob Gardner
WB0W Tarheel Antennas 3704-3706 Confirmed Gaylen Pearson
West Mountain Radio 3208-3210 Confirmed Joey Didion
Western Case Company 6201 Confirmed Kathryn Kauffman
Wild Sage Native American Jewelry 6418 Confirmed Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Wired Communications 5301-5303   Roger Deane
Wired Communications Listing at www.PCBoard.caWired Communications promises you quality LED Lights, Cables, Connectors, and Adapters at bargain prices with prompt and friendly support each with a full one year warranty. Adapting one standard to another can be a pain, but at Wiredco.com we have most all the Popular Computer Cables, Audio Connectors, Video Adapters 12V LED RV Lights, and Ham Radio Accessories that you may need.
* Quick 24hr Turnaround Service * Fast Reasonable Shipping!
Wireless Holdings 6211 Confirmed Ulrich Altvater
Wolf River Coils LLC 1002 Confirmed Terry Schilling
Young Ladies' Radio League 6510   Anne WB1ARU
Young Ladies Radio League at www.PCBoard.caStop at Booth 6510 to meet us and learn more about our revitalized and growing group! Young Ladies' Radio League has been uniting YLs around the world for over 75 years on all bands and modes with nets, contests, awards, conventions and meets. Plan to attend the YL Forum on Friday at 2:30 PM in Room 4 and look for other informal gatherings in the cafeteria Saturday and Sunday.
For more information go to www.ylrl.org
Yaesu - Vertex Standard 3407-3411, 3507-3511  
Yaesu - Vertex Standard at www.PCBoard.ca
Youth Activities - DARA 2801-2803 Confirmed Jeff Ullrey
Youth DX Adventure 2602 Confirmed Donald J. Dubon
iPortable 5205 Confirmed Mark Mantia
10-10 International Net, Inc. 3810 Reserved Keith Schlottman
Alfa Radio Ltd 2106 2206 Reserved J T Mitchell
Alpha Amplifier \ Dishtronix \ Emtron \ Ten-Tec 6111 6112 6113 Reserved Mike Dishop
Alpha Antenna, Amateur Radio Store 3207 Reserved Steven Deines
Ameritron 1703 1803 Reserved Steven Pan
Apache Labs 3708 3709 3711 Reserved Jeff Sinclair
Arlan Communications 6405 6406 Reserved Dave Bottom
Array Solutions 2701 2702 2703 2704 Reserved Jim Martin
Arrow Antenna 1106 Reserved Tim Chapman
Bad Dog Tools 6513 6514 Reserved Ann Strong
Buddipole 3003 3004 3005 Reserved Chris Drummond
Building 6 Inside 6420 Reserved Brian Markland
Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas 1603 1604 Reserved Steven Pan
DARC 2 3811 Reserved Christian Entsfellner
EZ-Products 6109 Reserved Don Wilke
Elecraft, Inc. 1707 1708 1709 1710 1711 Reserved Madelyn Gomez
Electronic Associates 6511 Reserved John Catterall
Escitec 6212 Reserved Feng Yang
Fists CW Club 6415 6416 Reserved Dennis Franklin
Flexradio Systems 2007 2008 2009 2107 2108 2207 2208 Reserved Lori Hicks
Forbidden Knowledge 6118 Reserved Craig Douglas
GAM Electronics 6703 Reserved David Joseph
GAP Antenna Products, Inc. 6319 Reserved Chris Lane
GigaParts 3607 3608 3609 3610 3611 Reserved Robby Sperr
Global TSCM Group, Inc. 1005 Reserved Gyo Seung An
Greene County Conv. & Visitors Bur. 6613 Reserved Kathleen Wright
Ham Radio Class CLASS01 Reserved Mitch Stern
Ham Radio Deluxe 6204 Reserved Randall Gawtry
Hamradio Now 6419 Reserved Marty Sullaway
Hamsource 3903 3904 3905 3906 Reserved John Kalotai
HobbyPCB 1912 Reserved Curtis Pope
Hy-Gain 1605 1606 Reserved Steven Pan
Import Communications 3803 3804 Reserved Ed Griffin
JK Antennas 3101 3102 3201 3202 3301 3302 Reserved Ken Garg
JT Communications 3703 Reserved Jim Trapani
JVC Kenwood 1407 1408 1409 1410 1411 1507 1508 1509 1510 1511 Reserved Rebecca Hinton
K4USD Network Club 6803 Reserved John Burningham
LUSO Super-Techno 3105 3106 3205 3206 Reserved Kazue Shimoda
LeafFilter North, Inc. 6512 Reserved James Martinez
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. 3107 3108 Reserved Wyatt Lyzenga
MCM Electronics, Inc. 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 Reserved Michelle Carlson
MFJ Enterprises Inc 1704 1705 1706 1804 1805 1806 1904 1905 Reserved Steven Pan
Maker Faire Dayton 6410 Reserved Eric Vinande
Mendelson`s Electronics Inc 6901 Reserved Harlan Mendelson
Messi & Paoloni srl 1906 Reserved Messi Stefano
Midwest VHF/UHF Society 6708 Reserved Tom Holmes
Millner-Haufen Tool Company 6705 Reserved Garren Katz
Mirage / Vectronics 1903 Reserved Steven Pan
Old Old Timers Club 6402 Reserved Phillip Sager
PackTenna 6407 6408 Reserved George Zafiropoulos
Peet Bros. Company, Inc. 5206 5207 5208 Reserved Linda Schultz
QRP Works 1611 Reserved Stephen Silverman
QSO Radio Show 6505 Reserved Ted Randall
Qatar Amateur Radio Society 2504 2505 Reserved Al Jassim Sabaan
R.A.I.N. Report / Gateway 160M Radio Newsletter 6603 Reserved Hap Holly
Radio Amateurs of Canada 6806 Reserved Geoffrey Bawden
Radio Club of America 6115 Reserved Stan Reubenstein
Radio Society of Great Britain 2305 2405 Reserved Mark Allgar
RadioWavz 2606 2607 Reserved Rochelle Hohensee
Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc 6216 Reserved Greg Mccaskill
Rohn Products, LLC 1701 1702 Reserved Cody Westermann
SATERN 6116 Reserved Bill Feist
SSB Electronic USA 6103 Reserved Gerry Rodski
Seeed Technology 6711 6712 Reserved Steve Leytus
Siglent Technologies USA, Inc 5203 5204 Reserved Steve Barfield
SteppIR Antennas Systems 1501 1502 1601 1602 Reserved Adam Blackmer
Tequipment.net 6411 6412 6413 6414 Reserved Amanda Parker
The Whistler Group 1503 1504 Reserved Amanda Cupp
Timewave Technology, Inc. 6205 Reserved Randall Gawtry
Total Mast Solutions 1907 1908 1909 Reserved Simon Bourne
Totally Unique Enterprise 6614 Reserved Kim Paxton
UPS Store 6311 6312 Reserved Scott Mowbray
WRTC 2018 e.V. 2105 Reserved Christian Janssen
Webster Communications Inc. 6807 6808 6809 Reserved Roger Webster
Total Booths: 457   Unique Vendors: 219


Hamvention® Indoor Vendors
Date Booths Allocated
April 17 457 Booths: 219 Unique Vendors
April 15 456 Booths: 211 Unique Vendors
April 10 456 Booths: 210 Unique Vendors
April 2 454 Booths: 207 Unique Vendors
April 1 454 Booths: 199 Unique Vendors
March 29 430 Booths: 200 Unique Vendors
March 22 428 Booths: 198 Unique Vendors
March 21 428 Booths: 197 Unique Vendors
March 19 428 Booths: 195 Unique Vendors
March 18 428 Booths: 196 Unique Vendors
March 17 428 Booths: 196 Unique Vendors
March 16 428 Booths: 196 Unique Vendors
March 15 428 Booths: 196 Unique Vendors
March 14 428 Booths: 196 Unique Vendors
March 13 428 Booths: 162 Unique Vendors
March 12 428 Booths: 126 Unique Vendors
March 9 432 Booths: 94 Unique Vendors
Feb. 18 320 Booths: 18 Unique Vendors