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Dayton Hamvention LogoSince 1952, every year in the spring, Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) from around the world gather for a few days in Ohio. They are all there for the world’s largest gathering showcasing hundreds of indoor commercial vendor and thousands of outdoor flea market vendors over three days at the Dayton Hamvention.

Dayton Hamvention Indoor at HARAWith such a large show, it is handy to know where to find your favorite indoor commercial and outside flea market vendors. With the cooperation of the event team, we produce a detailed booth tracker showing the locations of your favorite vendors. The very latest information on show logistics is always avilable from the main Hamvention web site.

Beginning in 2017, the show is moving from HARA arena in Trotwood, Ohio. The new location, Greene County Fair & Exposition Center in Xenia, Ohio, about 20 miles south-east of HARA.

Each year, we prepare detailed booth listings, which are all presented below to aid in navigating to your favorite vendors. Refer back often in the spring as we update the booth information on a daily basis.

Free Vendor Booth Highlighting

As a service to Hamvention indoor commercial indoor vendors and outdoor flea market vendors, we are pleased to be able to offer the ability to have your booth listing stand out and be noticed. This service is available at no charge to clients of Hamvention who have their booths fully paid.

To have your booth listing standout, we need you to provide some details on your organization or service so we can update this information. Visit our Vendor Booth Listing Information Page for additional details.

Vendor Booth Listings

Hamvention 2017 – MAY 19, 20, & 21, 2017
  • Indoor Commercial Vendor Listing
  • Outdoor Flea Market Vendor Listing

January 19: We now have ad idea of how the outdoor flea market area is going to look. Hamvention has released their booth layout showing all vendor locations within the track area and another area off to the west with 186 positions.

January 12: The Hamvention team have released preliminary commercial vendor booth positioning. They have produced a Booth Overview, Building 1 , Building 2 , Building 3 and Building 5 summary. At this point, they have not released publicly layouts for the flea markets. As we get more information, we will be sure to post the information here. 

With the move of Hamvention to its new home for 2017, the team is busy setting up booth positioning.
We expect to see updated booth information early in 2017 as plans are finalized.

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