Gel Cell Charger

GCC01 Gel Cell Charger Fully AssembledAs Gel Cell batteries become more familiar, their pricing continues to drop rapidly. As a result, experimenters can afford to have several batteries in their collection. By properly charging and maintaining your Gel Cell battery will extend its life. Consequently over or under charging can result in a drastically shorten a batteries life.GCC01 - PCB small layout

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The GCC01 Gel Cell Charger incorporates a highly accurate and efficient charging solution. This allows for charging 12v batteries and indefinitely maintaining the cells on a float charge. Battery packs can be left connected to the charger indefinitely without worrying about overcharging.

The GCC01 is a high quality, double layer, glass epoxy PC board. Solder masks and plated holes along with a silk-screen labeling component positions allowing for easy assembly. Each board size is 2 1/2″ x 2″ (63.5mm x 80.8mm) and ready to fit into a project case.

User Guide and Construction Details

The GCC01 requires only a minimal number of components. Construction, technical and schematics are available for download in PDF format.

Close-Up View of the Gel Cell Charge BoardGCC01 - PCB large layout

Each GCC01 is available as a bare PC board or with a full parts kit for easy home assembly. Customers can buy the GCC01 in our web shop.