AliExpress - Corrupt and Dishonest Vendor Practices

AliExpress - Wall of Shame

AliExpress is a popular online B2B trading platform for manufacturers or trading companies offering products to small international buyers, much like eBay.

They offer thousands of shops, offering almost every type of product imaginable. They act as a front door to the many online shops and also serve as the middleman to collect and distribute payments for purchases.

We have been with AliExpress since August 2010, shortly after they began operations. We primarily use their services for small technology purchases and to seek out suppliers.

For any large purchases, we have dedicated resources in China. We find AliExpress is an excellent resource to locate suitable vendors and suppliers, and at times, we will purchase small sample quantities of items.

Overall our experiences have been good. Just like in any market environment, there are dishonest and corrupt players in the game. AliExpress does offer a remediation service, but some skilled vendors have mastered the deception loopholes available.

Presented here will be our list of vendors you will want to consider avoiding if you are to make purchases.

Vendors To Avoid

AD584-M Calibration Certificate - Greatool Store 4409199 - Corrupt and Dishonest VendorWe purchased a High Precision Voltage Reference module from Greatool Store – Store 4409199 in May of 2019. The device is as a reference standard for calibration of test equipment and includes a certificate used to confirm the reference outputs.

When we received our unit, it did not arrive with the calibration certificate (image shows what the calibration certificate should look like). The certificate is an essential part of the package, and without it, there is no way to cross-reference readings with outputs.

We contacted the vendor. To our surprise, they offered us $2 credit with the note: “It can make your lose less , please take a consideration.

AliExpress has fully supported the vendor without regard to their deceitful tactics to supply an incomplete product.

Do Not Deal with Greatool

Our recommendation is to NOT deal with Greatool Store as they are deceitful in their dealings with customers and basically are selling JUNK. Save your money and invest in other reputable vendors.