Maker Festival

July 8 & 9, 2017

Maker Festival Toronto 2017 - Maker Festival Welcome Area

Special thanks to all the guests that joined us at Maker Festival over the July 8 and 9 weekend in Toronto. It was great to see many of our customers and the opportunity to meet many new friends.

We have a dedicated page with some of the views from the Festival and invite you to have a look.

5mm Candle Flickering LED (500x500)

Candle Flicker LEDs

Candle Flicker LEDs are a new generation of LEDs which incorporate a tiny microprocessor which, when power is applied, will closely mimic a real candle flame. The LED is available in a standard 5mm size with a clear lens.

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LED Heart Display with Multicolour LEDs Assembled

Promotion – LED Heart

The LED Heart display kit is back in stock. We have received our order of the popular LED Heart kit. We are running a special promotion for the month of August to receive $3.00 off the price.

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Hamvention 2017

Hamvention 2017 is fast approaching. On May 19 to 21, Radio Amateurs from across the USA, Canada and the World will converge in Xenia, Ohio.
For 2017, Hamvention has found a new home in Xenia, Ohio which is east of the previous Hamvention grounds.
Looking for your favorite vendors? They will all be there, in both the Indoor Commercial and the Outdoor Flea Market areas. We have booth listing for available on our Hamvention Vendor Tracker page.
If you are a vendor and looking to have your booth listed as no charge, visit our Vendor Booth Registration page.

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Proto-24 BasicSTAMP Prototype Board (Featured Image)

Proto-24: BasicSTAMP Proto Board

Proto-24 – BasicSTAMP Prototype Board For 24-Pin BasicSTAMP Style Processors The Proto-24 is a prototyping board for single chip embedded processors such as the NetMedia BasicX-24™ or the Parallax BasicSTAMP 24-pin devices (BASIC Stamp 2, Stamp 2e Stamp 2sx and Stamp 2SX Plus).

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Proto-40 PICmicro prototype board for Microchip PIC 16F877(A), 18F442, 18F452

Proto-40: PIC Proto Board

Proto-40 – PICmicro Prototype Board For PIC 16F877(A), 18F442, 18F452 and others The Proto-40 is a prototyping board for Microchip PIC based PICmicro microcontroller products. Supported devices include most of the Microchip 40-pin devices. Devices include the PIC 16F877(A), 18F442, 18F452 and others.

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RJ45 Connector

How To Crimp an RJ45

Crimping an RJ45 Connector Correctly Proper Wiring For Ethernet Cat5/Cat5e Cables Cables can transmit information along their length. To actually get that information where it needs to go, you need to make the right connections to an RJ45 connector. Your cable run needs to terminate into a connector, and that connector needs a jack to

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